Johnny Burrage Illustration

Johnny Burrages Illustration

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Been away for a while , plus been doing some stuff that hasn’t been worth putting up, like these mugs, and the Dalai Lama.

Sparky Perpetrator for Illustration Fridays,  for the theme Spark.

started experimenting with intricate abstractions of fluid forms 

Sneak peak at Gravity 5  Fashion issue


Contributor artwork from Gravity 4 - Beth Crossland, Gaz Williams, Vincent Oliver, Ben Brown, Johnny Burrage.


Old film corner, with Barry and Norman.

Five easy pieces


With a bitter disenfranchised air, Jack Nicholson plays Bobby “Eroica” Dupea, that’s his name by the way, just in case you missed that, the 70’s eh? (nice name douche) who goes about his severe lack of business with the empathy…

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Here’s a new illustration to advertise the event at HCA in March. For more information follow the link

Happy Ground Hog Day/ St Swithens day/ the other one nobody gives two fucks about

"9 dead bills and a Rickmorol/ 90’s Murray"

if you’ve got some original 80’s style good ol’ red and blues try looking at this through em.